When she became pregnant after three months she was kept in the house and watched closely. But when she miscarried after three months, she was sent to work in the family’s sugarcane fields, put in charge of the housework. While in the fields, she met three Kachin laborers employed by the family who helped her escape, after two years of captivity. Some trafficked women and girls said that after they had resigned themselves to being held against their will, and subjected to sexual slavery, they managed to make some peace with their captors.

Many survivors feared telling their stories, but those who sought justice rarely received it, as the people who trafficked them remained free, often continuing their trafficking activities. When Myanmar authorities did make arrests, they usually targeted only the initial brokers in Myanmar and not the rest of the networks in China. Police in China almost never to our knowledge arrested people that knowingly bought trafficked “brides” and abused them.

Chinese women know how to make a guy stronger, more confident, and, of course, much happier. Their charm cannot be put in words – this is a unique mix of beauty, femininity, sophistication, and positive attitude to life. If you want to marry a girl who will remain young and beautiful for decades, China is the perfect country to meet a woman of your dreams. Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography, preamble.

Inside Myanmar, both the Myanmar government—in government-controlled areas—and the Kachin Women’s Association —in KIO-controlled areas—provided some services for survivors. Human Rights Watch’s research found almost no services available in China for trafficking victims from Myanmar.

Four survivors interviewed said the Chinese police intervened proactively, though the cases did not necessarily lead to justice. Ja Seng Nu was freed by police https://realcampingtips.com/unidentified-facts-about-chinese-mail-order-brides-made-known/ when they checked workers’ documents at a farm where she had been both a “bride” and forced to cook and work in the fields, unpaid, for almost a year.

Mass migration to the cities has exacerbated the problem for rural men as most eligible women born in rural areas prefer to marry wealthier, more sophisticated men from the cities. After living in a village on the outskirts of Handan for 20 years, she started offering introductions to Vietnamese brides for a fee at the start of this year. For those who cannot afford the expensive requirements of Chinese brides, paying for a bride from Vietnam or elsewhere in the region can be a much cheaper option. Police in central China have launched an investigation into the disappearance of more than 100 Vietnamese women who married local bachelors and had been living in villages around the city of Handan.

Chinese brides

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They then locked her in a room where her “husband” raped her daily. Htoi Moon Ja was 16 when family friends invited to vacation in China with them. Fighting was happening near her village, her mother had died, and she and two siblings were staying with their teacher. “In the village, there more people who are poor, and only Chinese from Myanmar they have satellite, they have the dish,” Htoi Moon Ja said.

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In China, some will be surprised to learn that their new fiance is poor, older than expected and, commonly, divorced. Online marriage brokers do not always provide these woman with accurate information about their clients, my research finds. Other Chinese bachelors use professional marriage brokers to meet Vietnamese women, an illegal but booming industry in China. On average, a broker makes a profit of $4,000 out of each deal, according to the Chinese magazine China Reform. In some border areas of China, more than 50% of all Chinese-Vietnamese marriages begin with this kind of an international connection.

These affairs were extravagant and filled with many courses of symbolic food. For example, a whole fish would be served as a wish for abundance, since the Chinese word for fish sounded similar to the Chinese word for plenty. Even in modern Chinese weddings, the couple may choose a Western-styled ceremony, but maintain a traditional banquet out of respect for their families.

Chinese brides

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The Myanmar government and the KIA are at war, and many of the women and girls who are being trafficked are from communities and families perceived by the Myanmar government—fairly or unfairly—to be KIA supporters or sympathizers. This further reduces the Myanmar government’s interest in protecting them. In addition to the Myanmar government and the KWA, local NGOs in Myanmar provide crucial assistance, including trying to recover women and girls who have been trafficked, and assisting survivors and helping them obtain justice. These NGOs have expertise and capacity, but struggle to do this work with very little—and intermittent—funding, and limited cooperation from the police they seek to mobilize on survivors’ behalf. Services provided by the Myanmar government and the KWA are discussed below.